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Lily Topolski Music is a ministry aimed at providing encouragement through instrumental hymns and sheet music for pianists of all ages and levels, from intermediate to advanced.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope and pray that the music on this website will be a blessing and encouragement to you!


I got my start in piano music at a very early age. My grandpa has taught me all my life from the time I was three years old (and still teaches me!) and trained me in classical piano music.


My grandpa was not only the one who first introduced me to piano music in general, but he was also the one to introduce me to Southern Gospel music. In order to play this genre of music, it was very important that I learn to play by ear, since up until that time I had only played sheet music. When I started taking lessons from Josh Singletary, my by ear playing really took off. He and my grandpa were such a huge help to me in learning to play by ear! They have been a huge blessing to me! Since then, my quest to learn how to play by ear has morphed into a love of arranging old hymns!

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Thank you so much...

For taking the time and having the interest to visit my website! If you are interested in taking a listen to to this music on any platform, you can find it by clicking on the links below...


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