New Christmas Music for the Holiday Season: Sheet Music and Digital Streaming

New Christmas Music for the Holiday Season: Sheet Music and Digital Streaming

Lily Topolski on Nov 15th 2022

It's Christmas again! Already?!

About this time last year, I released my second CD, Christmas on the Keys. Since then, I have created and released some new Christmas arrangements and sheet music that I hope you will all enjoy! Here's some more information on what's new...

Hour-Long Music Video

This hour-long Christmas video (with lyrics) includes songs from Christmas on the Keys as well as new songs I have done this year. This video was made with the intention for it to work well as background music for around the house or even during Christmas get-togethers. I hope you find it helpful!

New Digital Christmas Album

A Christmas Collection is now available to be streamed on all digital platforms! Whether you like to listen on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, or iTunes, you can find a link to A Christmas Collection on your preferred service by clicking here!

New Sheet Music

As mentioned before, new Christmas sheet music, as well as FREE Christmas pieces, are now available! At the tope of this page are several of those products. There are songs in every level, from late elementary to advanced. Also, we recently made an announcement concerning all individual songs that are priced $2.50. You can now purchase 8 or more songs for $1.00 each! To browse through all Christmas music, click here.

Thank you for reading!

I hope these new songs are encouraging to you this Christmas season! May you all have a very blessed Christmas this year!

In Christ,


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